Melvin Turnage Band


In 1969, Melvin bought a top of the line Gibson and that has been his love ever since. Through the years Melvin has played and ran with some of the greats in industry including; Harry Belafonte, Shalamar, Sammy Davis Jr., and Gladys Knight.

In the 1980's, Melvin and two business partners started a marketing company. Using his contacts and influence Melvin was able to travel the United States arranging and coordinating promotional events for national performers such as; Whitney Houston, Run DMC, and world class athletes Michael Jordan and Oscar Robinson. Throughout his experiences as a promoter Melvin couldn't resist his calling as a performer.

Early in his career Melvin was a part of the bands; the BelAires, Tapps, and Quintells. Over the course of the last 30 years, Melvin was a member and Band Director of local group, Velvet with long time friends and eventually made his home as the Melvin Turnage Band. As the leader of his own band he has toured internationally in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Greenland, Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

The Melvin Turnage Band continues to fill the Saint Louis scene with the sounds of real music. Melvin's musical arrangements, writings, and performances are still requested internationally today. When asked why his music is so timeless, Melvin simply said;

“"I believe music speaks to mans soul and it helps him to see the world clearer .... So I play"

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